Funded Research Projects

National Diabetes Obesity and Cholesterol Foundation (NDOC) has been doing lot of research related to effects of nutritions in diabetes management with support from national and international agencies such as Almond Board of California, Indian Council of Medical Resarch (ICMR), Department of Science and Technology, World Diabetes Foundation etc.

Our research team has done study to assess the influence of Vitamin D Receptor (VDR) gene polymorphisms on weight loss by diet and exercise interventions in non-diabetic obese subjects.

Recent Projects

  • Evaluation of pre-meal load of raw almonds on postprandial hyperglycemia and other metabolic responses in Asian Indians with prediabetes. Funded by Almond Board of California.
  • Prevention of type 2 diabetes in women with pre-diabetes using vitamin D supplementation and lifestyle intervention in North India. Funded by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
  • Genetic determinants of fatty liver and muscle mass in Asian Indians. Funded by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR).
  • Women initiative for diabetes T2DM, obesity and gestational diabetes management for underprivileged in 10 urban slums in Delhi. Funded by World Diabetes Foundation (WDF).
  • “Diabetes Rath” Diabetes Care at Door Steps, screening and management of diabetes for underprivileged 2.5 lakh population in 10 urban slums in Delhi. Funded by World Diabetes Foundation (WDF).

Some Glimpses

Clinical and Examination History

Dietary Intervention Assessment

Anthropometric Measurement

Education Material for Vitamin D

Active Research Projects

  • Randomized Controlled Trial of Almond Supplementation vs. Isocaloric Diet on Cognitive Functions in Middle-aged (40-60 years) Asian Indians with Prediabetes.
  • Randomized control trial of vitamin D supplementation on surrogate markers of aging, glycemic and metabolic markers in north Indian with the prediabetes