Diabetes care at door steps (“Diabetes Rath”) with support from World Diabetes Foundation

National diabetes Foundation along with Diabetes Foundation India (DFI) implemented in the year 2015 to 2018 “Diabetes Care at Doorsteps”  known as “Diabetes Rath” with an objective to provide locally implemented screening, standard care, management, and prevention advice of diabetes for the underprivileged population of Delhi spread in 10 different locations in Delhi. The project pertained to create awareness about diabetes, obesity, lipid disorders, retinopathies, foot ulcers and other co-morbidities. It aimed to provide facilities for early detection of diabetes and co-morbidities. It teaches optimal dietary and lifestyle practices for prevention of these diseases. Diabetes Rath program had two specialised mobile van with testing facilities such as Anthropometric, Random blood sugar, Vibration Perception Test (VPT), Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), ECG, Retinoscopy or Fundus, Blood pressure. This provided a standard management of diabetes in customised Diabetes Mobile Unit where retinal images are being sent to tertiary care for further management as part of linkages with tertiary care. The project helped in increasing awareness and ensuring early detection of diabetes and its co-morbidities including foot ulcers, renal failure, heart attacks, blindness and stroke. Standard counselling, nutritional and lifestyle advice that helped in prevention of these diseases. The following were the achievements in this project:
  • Conducted about 160 sensitization sessions in collaboration with local stakeholders such as political personalities, local doctors and school teachers and resident’s welfare association.
  • The project has covered about 2,52,300 population with 260 mass awareness sessions.
  • About 2110 people were identified having pre-diabetic conditions.
  • About 8,215 people were identified with diabetes.
  • Provided counseling to about 82,500 people with main focus on lifestyle education.
  • About 140 volunteers are trained on issues of diabetes and complications.
  • About 300 local and tertiary health providers oriented on diabetes related issues.
  • Linkages with tertiary care centres established for those who needed further management.
We did the following activities:

• Sensitization of stake holders such as Pradhans, local leaders, counselors, health care providers
• Awareness session on preventive health and dietary issues
• Health camps to identify early detection of Diabetic symptoms
• Conducting test such as Vibration Perception Test (VPT), Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), ECG, Retinoscopy or Fundus, in our fully equipped two Mobile vans.

Some glimpses of our activities

Area name Dakshinpuri, South Delhi - Population 1,00,000

Area name Jahangirpuri, West Delhi - Population 50,000


Area Name Tigri, South Delhi - Population 1,00,000


Area name Sultanpuri, South-West Delhi - Population 30,000


Area name Trilokpuri, East Delhi - Population 50,000

Men women and children preparing to start the walk
Dr Hema Gopalan from NDOC with the group during diabetes walk
Mr Fahim Akhtar Principal MCD School Block 34 receiving the walk
Mr Fahim Akhtar Principal giving prizes to students for their drawing
Key observation

• Poor awareness about preventive health issues
• Unknown Diabetes cases a threat for family
• Vulnerability to diabetes and hypertension due to high consumption of fried foods.
• Lack of health facility in these areas

What more required

• More mobile units required for expanding coverage
• More staff required to be trained for early detection
• More counselors needed to provide dietary counseling
• Funds for medication for treatment